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× Note: Registration deadline extended to 14th November


“A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passion has never overcome them” - Carl Jung

It’s time to take those moves off stage and into the streets. With innovation and grace in every step; team spirit and energy in every movement, with edginess at the core, set the opposition ablaze in the flames of your passion, rise above all odds and be crowned the best. Join us in locking, popping ,B-boying and Krumping your way through the circles of hell . Manfest- Varchasva presents Inferno, a street dance competition where your every move is fire and every performance, a War.

  • The preliminary round will be conducted online
  • Every team will upload a 2-3 minute video of any of their dance performance. The video need not be in costume; it may be a video of any of the practice sessions or past performances of the team. Both the type of videos has equal weightage and hence, either can be submitted
  • At least 80% of the people present in the video should be present for the campus rounds
  • The last date for registering and submission of entries is 14th November, 2017
  • Guidelines for uploading the video:
    • Mail the video to the e-mail ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Once the video is uploaded, click ‘Share and send’
  • 12 teams will be shortlisted for the final event which will be held at IIM Lucknow
  • Teams have to perform on their prepared tracks
  • Time limit: 4 – 5 minutes
  • The sound track for the campus round should be mailed to us on or before 15th November, 2017. In case of deadline not being met, the organizers will not be responsible for any mishaps with regards to it
  • Teams must bring their sound track on a pen drive
  • This is a no-elimination round. Cumulative scores of both the rounds will be considered for declaring winners
  • Direct copying of previously performed dance sequences will lead to deduction of marks
  • This will be an impromptu face off round in which 2 teams will compete against each other
  • Both the teams will be given 2.5 minutes to perform. When the 1st track is played it is a signal for the first team to start. After 2.5 minutes the track will change which will be an indication for the second team to start
  • Order of performance of the teams and music track will be decided by the organizers
Terms and Conditions
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Cash Prize
Rs. 17,000

Team size

(6 to 12)

  •   Timelines
  • Registration deadline: 14th November 2017
  • Preliminary round: 14th November 2017
  •   Contacts
  • Priyanka Kothari: (+91) 982 009 9301
  • Tanmay Rabade: (+91) 810 566 6645

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