Greetings from Team Manfest-Varchasva!

Further to your vertical selections, we invite you to a small task round, which will run till 17:00 hrs on Tuesday the 24th.


There are 10 verticals and 4 timelines (T-100, T-50, T-10, T-0). The timelines mean the number of days to the fest from which you need to plan for the event. For e.g. a Management_Event_T100 task means that you are planning for a management event task from 100 days before the fest. You have to pick a minimum of 2 tasks and a maximum of 4 tasks, each belonging to different timeline and different vertical. For e.g. If you select Management_Event_T100 then you can not select Operations_T100.

The final deliverable of these tasks can be a PowerPoint Presentation or Word Document or PDF or Image file.

Your evaluation will be based on both the quality and quantity of tasks you submit.

Go through the task pdfs listed below carefully, and formulate the deliverable write-ups/ designs in .doc/.docx/.pdf/.ppt/.pptx/.xls/.xlsx/.jpg/.jpeg format

If you have multiple files for a single task, upload them in .zip/.rar format


This round is designed to be analytical and informative, indicative of the kind of work we do conceptualizing and planning every aspect of Manfest-Varchasva before moving on to managing the execution. We trust you will find it interesting and gives you a flavor of what we work on through the year. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any issues or clarifications.

*You can choose a maximum of 2 verticals from the 3 - Fashp&Theatre, Lit&Music and Dance verticals.
#You can not choose both Fashp and Theatre verticals or both Lit and Music verticals.