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The objective of the event will be to give insights into managing your own factory under various external factors. The event will be conducted for 3 hours divided into further 6-7 rounds of 10 mins each. The teams will be first asked to make a choice between various companies available for sale based on their market value, worker’s productivity and raw materials value. After choosing the company decisions relating to raw materials, technology, equipment, sales and environmental impact have to be taken to fulfil the market demand. Real-time news that will affect the decisions will be given in each round based on which players have to decide these parameters. The winners will be decided on the basis of final cash inflow.

Prizes worth: INR 7,000

Winner: INR 5,000 | Runner Up: INR 2,000 | Second Runner Up: INR 1,000

Participation Details

Each team will consist of 2 members

Terms and Conditions

Cash prize
Rs. 5,000

In kind
Rs. 2,000

Team size

  •   Timelines
  • 1500 hours, 17th November 2017
  •   Contacts
  • Arka: (+91) 861 705 1211
  • Ravi: (+91) 984 046 5275