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Concept: A Tambola (Housie) game that tests your marketing skills.

Description: Every team will be given a ticket with the name of few companies and brands written on it. A random question will pop up on the screen and the teams will have to find the answer and then look for it in their ticket. If it is present, they will cross it out.

Example: Question on screen- A Nestle brand, endorsed my Madhuri Dikshit.

Answer to be crossed out, if present on ticket- Maggie


  • The winning team will be the one whose ticket would be the first one to have all the elements crossed out- Full house
  • The runner up team will be the one whose ticket would be the second to have all the elements crossed out- Second Full house
  • (There can be prizes for teams crossing out the 3 Lines and corners too- Optional)

Participation and Registration Guidelines

  • To take part in the event, single person entries as well as team entries are allowed. However, each team can have only up to two members.
  • Members of the team do not necessarily have to be from the same institution.
  • On the spot registration are welcome. However, registering online is encouraged as limited entries are allowed.
  • Each participation entry can only have one ticket with which they will play till the end. Exchange of tickets, possession of multiple tickets is strictly prohibited. If found otherwise, the entry will be disqualified.
  • Rules are subject to change according to discretion of the organizers.
Terms and Conditions
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Cash prize
Rs. 5,000

In kind
Rs. 2,000

Team size

  •   Timelines
  • 1500 hours, 19th November 2017
  •   Contacts
  • Kirti Bhargava: (+91) 990 762 8070
  • Kaustubh Vakil: (+91) 887 973 5715