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× Note: Registration deadline extended to 10th November

Quiz Coliseum

Rules and Regulations

  • Open to all teams of maximum 2 members each
  • The quiz is open to students pursuing full-time degrees from institutes that are affiliated universities or are universities themselves
  • School students can also participate in the event
  • The theme of the quiz will be mostly general in nature
  • Mixed/Cross college/school teams are allowed
  • Each quiz will consist of written prelims (approx.-45 mins) followed shortly by finals where top 8 teams qualify (approx. 1.5 hrs)
  • Decision of Quizmaster is final and binding
Terms and Conditions
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Team size

  •   Timelines
  • Registration deadline: 10th November 2017
  •   Contacts
  • Abhishek Nayak: (+91) 805 749 6090
  • Siddharth Gupta: (+91) 959 905 2170

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