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Horror Night

Does the fantasy world of ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches and zombies excite you? Do movies like Conjuring, IT, Shining and Psycho top your list of all-time favorites? Then trust us, you are in for a thrill ride. Manfest-Varchasva presents Horror Night, where the macabre begins and the nightmare never ends.

Gather around the bonfire at midnight, where the starless skies shrouded in fog provide the perfect canvas for ghoulish stories. So, if your definition of a fun after night party includes an adrenaline-infused rush from a truly frightening experience, this has got to be the night you'll be waiting for.

Terms and Conditions
  •   Timelines & venue
  • Date: Midnight, 18th November 2017
  • Venue: Futsal Ground
  •   Contacts
  • Abhay: (+91) 956 093 3277
  • Megha: (+91) 888 221 0630

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